【webinar】Bioethics in healthcare research|医学研究における生命倫理

Recently, I have been touching on bioethics, or rather ethics in medical/healthcare research. Yesterday, I participated in a lunch talk, “Why the World Needs Bioethics and Why Bioethics Needs the World,” hosted by the Master of Health Research Ethics (MOHRE) at the University of Malaya (UM) Faculty of Medicine. The lecturer was Prof. Dr. Jeffrey

【class】Project to develop a telehealth curriculum at a UM Faculty of Medicine|マラヤ大医学部でのtelehealthカリキュラム策定プロジェクト

We, the eHealth Unit of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Malaya, are currently working with a team from the Medical Education and Research Development Unit, whom we often work together with, to develop a medical education curriculum on “teleheath”. Telehealth (or telemedicine as its subset) is a thing that continues to be

wasabi can boost memory function?|ワサビで記憶力増強?

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/wasabi-memory-boost-japanese-study-finds/ This is a pretty good story! It’s a report on an experiment at Tohoku University showing that Wasabi, a Japanese spice that is the pride of Japan (it’s on sushi all the time!), boosts memory in the elderly. It seems that a rare substance called 6-MSITC contained in Wasabi is responsible for this effect.

【class】APRU Global Health Ethics 2023 course completed|APRUグローバルヘルス倫理2023コースの終了参加証明書が届く

APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities) is a large education and research network with about 60 member universities around the world, and it is working to improve the quality of its researchers by offering free graduate-level classes among its member universities. Universiti Malaya, to which I belong, is also a member institution, and I was

【ytube】”How Did You Get Into Buddhism?” on Youtuber Rev. Sakuranbo’s channel|「Youはどうして仏教に?」僧侶Youtuber桜嵐坊師のチャンネルに出演

I once appeared on the Youtube channel of Rev. Sakuranbo, with three of my colleagues from my online salon. One of us is his old, old friend. It was surprisingly well received, and I was grateful for the invitation to appear on his channel as solo this time. For a full hour, I talked about

Cure for Loneliness? Cure for Misinformation?

(info source: https://www.everydayhealth.com/emotional-health/how-does-loneliness-affect-the-brain/)(img source: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images) “We’ve adapted to feel safer and more secure when we feel like we’re not alone.” Absolutely. Loneliness, or I’d say “our perception of being lonely” to be more scientific, affects our brain that naturally impacts how we behave. And of course, the effect is damn negative all the

Understanding the impermanence of self leads well-being in the future.

(info source: https://www.ted.com/talks/shankar_vedantam_you_don_t_actually_know_what_your_future_self_wants)(image source: TED) Impermanence. You might think it’s one of those 3 pillars of Buddhism in general, with “suffering” and “non-self” as the other two. It’s not merely religious but it’s the scientific reality as well. Nothing lasts forever. Everything is changing. Even our whole body, tissue by tissue and cell by cell,


「刹那滅」来ましたね!これまでのサロンでもちらちらと登場したコンセプトですが、テーマにしたのは初めてかも知れませんね。 この言葉を聞くと、私などはすぐにヴァスバンドゥ(世親)の唯識での扱い→ チャンドラキールティー(月称)の常住論批判での活用、(そしてチベット密教への展開)という、2人の天才仏教哲学者の思索を思い出して、脳みそが沸騰しそうになりますが…。今回、浄土真宗文脈の中でこれを出すというご門主のかじ取りに大いに期待いたします!むろん、浄土教の文脈では「天親菩薩」として重要視されるヴァスバンドゥ老師ですので、彼の唯識をおさえつつも、21世紀に生きる我々にどうマインドフルな福音となるのか、楽しい対談ができればと思っております!(と、ハードルを上げて置く。)