【ytube】”How Did You Get Into Buddhism?” on Youtuber Rev. Sakuranbo’s channel|「Youはどうして仏教に?」僧侶Youtuber桜嵐坊師のチャンネルに出演

I once appeared on the Youtube channel of Rev. Sakuranbo, with three of my colleagues from my online salon. One of us is his old, old friend. It was surprisingly well received, and I was grateful for the invitation to appear on his channel as solo this time. For a full hour, I talked about my encounter with Buddhism at the age of 13 and the strange life I lead as a scientist who is continually inspired by Buddhism on a daily basis.

I know I’m a researcher at a faculty of medicine with a rather unusual track records and affiliations, but the channel regulars who participated in real time seemed to find it interesting and fun. Please invite me again, Rev.!



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