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My name is Nori Hirahara, PhD, and I'm Associate Professor of eHealth Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). In academic settings, my work is to use ICT to improve the quality of healthcare for patients and community, while supporting innovations in healthcare industry. Trained in cognitive and decision sciences, I also have expertise in medical decision-making. I'm also known for numerous public lectures on mindfulness in leadership, cognitive science in daily life, and Buddhist psychology.

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Gratitude works…but how?

There has been a rich body of scientific literature that shows how gratitude works well for our body, mind, and relationship with others. 6 new studies further show details of how gratitude works. Read them to recap this interesting research trend in positive psychology. (info source:

【salon】本願寺オンライン仏教 第33回仏教と科学のサロンは「自我とは?」をテーマに開催されました。


【conf】discussion w/ Kyalio founder from SG

This afternoon we were privileged to have Mr. Samuel Choo, who is founder of Kyalio, to talk about the company’s products and discuss for potential collaboration with UM eHealth Unit. They created an impressive line of VR training software for surgeons and medical students. In the field of internal medicine, too, they successfully implemented software

Search engine for 3-D structure of proteins?

It’s a news about “AI program predicted the 3-D structure of every known protein.” You may recall class materials in biology back in high school. Different proteins have different 3-D structures that produce different functions. All solved. Really? What an accomplishment. Back then, I thought it would be super biologists in super advanced universities who

【mtg】PhD student keen to clinical registry

Today I and my colleague at eHealth Unit met a PhD student of UM for his possible dissertation related to clinical registry. Initially, the student and we planned to meet physically in-person, but later changed the plan to the online one. Yep, time has changed. He is keen to do something about registry but doesn’t

“Self-compassion” hard or easy?

For those of you who are practicing mindfulness meditation, the idea of “self-compassion” is apparently important. There are rather thick layers of research that you’d find for its effectiveness toward well-being of daily life. Especially there are lots of positive scientific evidence on so-called “gratitude” exercise in nursing and other healthcare areas that has its