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My name is Nori Hirahara, PhD, and I'm Associate Professor of eHealth Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). In academic settings, my work is to use ICT to improve the quality of healthcare for patients and community, while supporting innovations in healthcare industry. Trained in cognitive and decision sciences, I also have expertise in medical decision-making. I'm also known for numerous public lectures on mindfulness in leadership, cognitive science in daily life, and Buddhist psychology.

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Pokemon! Get ’em all! (Roach? …Oh, no thanks.)

(info source: source: The Pokemon Company) According the newspaper article, the newly discovered roach was first found in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve near the center of Singapore years earlier, then with intensive DNA checks against other types, the scientists concluded it was indeed a new species: Nocticola pheromosa. I, as a Japanese, am

【salon】本願寺オンライン仏教-第37回仏教と科学のサロン「変わりゆく世界 今後の日本の立ち位置」が開催されました!


Cure for Loneliness? Cure for Misinformation?

(info source: source: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images) “We’ve adapted to feel safer and more secure when we feel like we’re not alone.” Absolutely. Loneliness, or I’d say “our perception of being lonely” to be more scientific, affects our brain that naturally impacts how we behave. And of course, the effect is damn negative all the

【salon】本願寺オンライン仏教 第36回仏教と科学のサロンは「Field of Dreams~観想念仏~」をテーマに開催されました。

今回のテーマは「Field of Dreams」と、随分昔のハリウッド映画を軸に持って来てのお話でした。本来は「夢は叶う」というときのpositiveな「dreams/夢」を語ろうという意図だったのですが、性根が少々捻じれている二人のこと、すぐに、「夢は何もpositivceなものばかりではない」「悪夢も含めて『叶う』ことは本当にいいことか?」とツッコミが入り、開始すぐに「nightmare」の方の夢、つまりは「悪夢」にフォーカスが当たることに。