Current Work

Nori is currently Associate Professor of Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. He was invited to join in a newly established (in 2020) unit called “Digital Health and InnovationUnit, also known short as “eHealth Unit.” He is leading the EMR and Clinical Registry section, one of the 4 components of the Unit. Read the details in the section of the Unit’s website.



1991-1998 Studied Psychology in the US & Entrepreneurship
During his senior year majoring psychology at UC Berkeley (CAL), Nori exercised his entrepreneurship with his best American friend, Mr. Brian Hardy, who was in Graduate School of Public Policy at CAL. Having worked as a RA (research assistant) at Meller’s Deicision-Making Lab, which was co-chaired by Dr. Barbara Mellers and Dr. Daniel Kahneman, Nori initially had a plan to go straight to a graduate school in psychology. However, he had a second thought of trying himself to see if what he had learnt in school would actually help him solve problems in business domains. Two kept working together in Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose).

1998-2005 Startup endeavor in Japan
After 7 years in the US Nori returned back home Japan, this time trying his work in the home country. He established his first startup (IT consulting firm), RDSystems, Japan, Inc. in Osaka, his home town.

2005-2011 Back to Academia after Startup Experience
During his 7-year business experience, an interest in the field of judgment and decision-making (JDM) grew back again, especially in medicine and healthcare. Nori had done his independent study in JDM back in CAL years. He decided going to Graduate School of Decision Sciences and Technology at Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he earned his Ph.D with research in patients’ and doctors’ risk perceptions in oncology. It also earned him the Special Investigation Award from Japanese Cognitive Science Society. During this time his first and second sons were born.

2013-2020 Two Big-data Platforms & Innovation in Healthcare
After 7 years of graduate work plus post-grad job search, he was invited to join in research team of National Clinical Database (NCD) in Japan, which is one of the largest clinical registry platforms in the world connected with medical board certification systems. Nori worked on academic supervision of the platform management as well as big-data analysis, while belonging to the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine. Nori changed his affiliation to Faculty of Medicine at Keio University after his boss was headhunted, who once again invited him to join. While Nori kept working with NCD teams, he started to help build another big-data platform called “PeOPLe (PErson-centered Open PLatform for wEll-being)”, which is geared more to “patient-generated” data that comes from smartphone applications. He was involved with numerous collaborative ICT projects with more than 30 enterprises both in and outside Japan, 10 local and municipal governments, and 5 ministries of the federal government.

2021- Moving to University of Malaya for helping eHealth Unit
After 7 years of working in academia in Japan, Nori ventured outside. Having been invited by his best Malaysian friend, Nori and his family Initially had plan to move to Malaysia in Oct of 2020. However, Covid-19 came in and the plan halted. But the family refused to be glued aimlessly, so left for a countryside of Kagawa Prefecture where they stayed for 1 year and 1 month in famous, historical Kaiganji Temple. On Dec 08 of 2021 they finally came to Malaysia and a whole new life has started since.


1991-1998 米国留学と学生起業家

1998-2005 日本で起業
7年の米国生活を経て帰国し、日本で有限会社RDシステムズジャパン(ITコンサルティング会社)を創業した。患者の意思決定支援ツールのプロトタイプ開発を京都大学の院生と共に行ったところ、京都大学工学部ベンチャービジネスラボ起業コンテストで入賞。 ITマーケティングや経営コンサルティングを通して、医療機関や患者組織、保健医療福祉分野の企業の課題解決に向き合った。

2005-2011 実業を経て、再び研究へ

2013-2020 2つのビックデータとイノベーション教育
2011年から日本全国の手術・治療に関する症例デーベース「National Clinical Database(NCD)」への登録が始まった。NCDの本格的な解析およびNCDの体制を整えるために、2013年に東京大学大学院医学系研究科が公募をかけた際に応募し採用された。2015年に教室長の宮田裕章教授が慶應義塾大学教授も兼務することになったため、慶應義塾大学に籍を移した。データベース設計に関わる学術監修や統計解析を行い、数々の国際学術誌に投稿してきた。



2021- マレーシア国立マラヤ大学医学部でデジタルヘルス研究/開発/教育がはじまる

中学生の頃から仏教全般(特に禅宗と密教)に強い関心を持っており、バークレーにて禅の研究で著名なルイス・ランカスター博士の授業を履修した際に英語で経典を読み、新たな地平が開ける。帰国後、アメリカ仏教の研究でも有名なケネス田中教授に招かれて武蔵野大学仏教文化研究所に籍を置いたことがきっかけで、禅・マインドフルネスと脳神経科学の関係に関する執筆・教育活動に取り組んでいる。落合陽一氏の人気番組「Weekly Ochiai」で「禅・マインドフルネス〟を考える」と題した鼎談にも参加。