Relationship between gut microbiota and cognitive development|腸内細菌叢と認知発達との関係

It appears to be a partial study, but this year just like last year, we will continue to see research on the significant influence of the gut microbiome on cognitive function and brain structure.

Sure, there is a lot of genetic inheritance taking place here, but we are learning more and more how the gut microbiome is related to the manifestations of higher brain functions and neuro-physiological developmental disorders, even though there is a fair physical distance between the two organs. The impact acquired through food, too, controls this interaction, which results in the old saying “food is human”.

However, this food impact does not seem to have much to do with expensive food. It is about the need for superior food in a nutritional sense. Perhaps the data will also settle the validity of nutritionists’ usual caution to eat as little highly processed, artificial “factory food” … instant and frozen foods … as possible.

どうやら部分的な研究のようですが、今年も昨年に引き続き、the significant influence of the gut microbiome on cognitive function and brain structureに関する研究が続いていきますね。




(Credit: Neuroscience News)

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