【conf】International Collaboration – Prof CJ from Singapore, Prof Adam from Sydney|国際コラボ目白押し~シンガポールからProf CJ、シドニーからProf Adam

Professor CJ (on right with a microphone), a good friend of mine who invited me to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Malaya in Malaysia, was for various reasons no longer at the University of Malaya and had moved to Singapore by the time I finally stepped on Malaysian soil after the Covid-19 border blockade was lifted. He is now in the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Singapore, the top university in Asia, which long ago surpassed the University of Tokyo in any of the world university rankings.

However, Prof CJ is still a adjunct professor at the University of Malaya, so he returns on these occasions. This time, he will be part of a “research carnival” (?) that lasted for a few weeks across the entire Faculty of Medicine and UM Medical Center. He was participating as a panelist in a big symposium during the week, and was able to stand around talking to me for a bit while waiting for the guest of honor lunch. I hope he will invite me to Singapore soon for a short workshop to throw.



And another one who stayed in Malaysia for about a week at the same time and gave us advice on our research and educational projects was Professor Adam from the University of Sydney, a collaborator from Australia. The Sydney is also one of the world’s best leading universities, and it is always interesting to hear about his own struggles in the grueling competition that dominates the campus, as he always provides interesting stories in our car to lunch.

Both Singapore and Australia are countries that are geographically close to Malaysia and historically close (having been colonies of UK). English is the lingua franca, and many visitors come frequently. Japanese universities should learn from this kind of environment where international collaboration is an everyday occurrence.



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