Comprehensive Strategic Agreement between UNIQLO and University of Malaya|ユニクロとマラヤ大の包括的戦略協定

Late last year, the top Malaysian university and UNIQLO entered into an in-depth and comprehensive strategic partnership. I am not involved, by the way. LOL.

If I were to use a Japanese analogy, it would be like the partnership between the University of Tokyo and GAP. The purpose of the partnership is “comprehensive leadership development with the Faculty of Economics,” and it seems that by throwing the Dept’s undergraduates and graduates into UNIQLO and having them actually engage in various activities, they will gain insight into the retail industry and develop leadership skills in the field. The company will in return use this to expand itself in Malaysia and ASEAN countries.

I think this will be a great engine for UNIQLO, which is about to aggressively bloom in the ASEAN region. I think they have their eyes on a good place.



これから、ますますASEANで気炎を吐こうとしているユニクロ にとっては、1つの大きなエンジンになるでしょうね。いいところに目をつけていると思います。

(Photo by The Nix Company on Unsplash

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