【conf】Participated as a symposium presenter at the Kanagawa Society of Public Health|神奈川県公衆衛生学会にシンポジストとしてオンライン参加

I was the only one who attended online instead of from the larger venue in Yokohama. I reported on the use of big data and AI in Malaysia, using the response to Covid-19 as an example, and talked about the future international trends of medical bigdata and AI. I myself learned a lot from the symposium, including a report by a senior doctor from Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association on the implementation and operation of a medical record utilization method that achieved compatibility of electronic medical record data.

Personally, I was happy to see my good friend from my old workplace (Department of Health Policy and Management, Faculty of Medicine, Keio University), Dr. Taksen Fujita (currently Visiting Associate Professor at Kanagawa University of Health and Welfare Graduate School), for the first time in a long time and was happy to see that he has not changed. He was next to me as the second presenter.

I would like to thank the chairperson, Dr. Tsutsumi of Kitasato University, as well as the secretariat of the Kanagawa Society of Public Health, who prepared the symposium well in advance and managed the proceedings, including the preparation of materials for the panelists.


個人的には、昔の職場(慶応義塾大学 医学部 医療政策管理学教室)での仲良し藤田Taksen博士(現 神奈川保健福祉大学大学院 客員准教授)とは久しぶりに顔を合わせ、変わりないことがよく分かり嬉しかったです。彼はトップバッターだった私の次の発表でした。


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