How to overcome your impostor syndrome

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Every once awhile, we all experience so-called impostor syndrome. However, when super athletes in a big game, entrepreneurs at high stakes situations, and leaders in general are with it, it’s pretty much devastating. A talk is around what exactly is the nature of the syndrome and how to overcome it.

Using your inner strength and community support is the key. But above all, you have to address your have one and be willing to overcome it. More and more, leaders are required to monitor and master their mental conditions in this 21st century of highly complex society.

“impostor syndrome,” は知ってますか?最近よく言われる「toxic leadership」とも関係してくる概念です。大リーグのスター投手が急にボールが投げられなくなるという話を聞いたことがあると思いますが、あの辺りから研究が進んだ領域ですね。


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