Effective science communication according to a famous actor

(info source: https://bigthink.com/the-learning-curve/3-rules-express-your-thoughts-clearly)

It’s got something to do with “misinformation” and “hype in science.” It’s always difficult for us to convey scientific knowledge and applications correctly to the general audience. When we fail it, we will have more dangerous chance to have them prone to misinformation that sneaks into our society for bad.

Mr. Alan Alda, who is well known for his role in M*A*S*H, which was a smash hit back in early 1970s. I used to watch this show in early phase of my studying in the US on one of those CATV programs that gave us tons of old TV shows. In just 8 min. Alan successfully taught us big points of effective science communication. Thank you, Chief Surgeon.

とても良い示唆ですね!Alan Aldaさん、MASHという米国の大ヒットしたシットコムに主役で出ていた俳優さんです。私も米国留学時代に、昔の放送を流すケーブルテレビでお世話になりました。頭がよい人だとは聞いていたけど、サイエンスコミュニケーターとして今も活躍されているとは知りませんでした。8分で語っています。

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