【life】a day trip to Malacca|マラッカ日帰り旅行

I have been living in Malaysia for 2.5 years now, and the day to leave here is approaching. I have about 6 months left of exciting and enjoyable days. We are sad to leave, but I’m sure I’ll return frequently as my relationship with Universiti Malaya and others will still continue. Since the start of 2024, good friends and families in Japan who learned of our leave have been coming to Malaysia for sightseeing to visit us and we are attending to them.

The good thing about so-called “guest effect” is that it provides “good external pressure” to visit local tourist attractions that we haven’t yet visited. This time, I finally got to visit Malacca, which I have been meaning to visit for a long time, and although you could stay overnight, if you drive out early in the morning from the KL area, you can get around enough for a one-day trip. I have been researching the spread of Catholicism during the Warring States Period in Japan for the past few years, and I had wanted to visit Malacca to see the footprints of St. Francis Xavier. It’s done. Many thanks to Tomo and his family!



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