【webinar】Webinar on Health Informatics for Medical Students|医学部生向けにヘルスインフォマティクス講義

This time, I gave a webinar to a lecture request in the “Health Informatics/Health Informatics” program designed for students of the UM (University of Malaya) Faculty of Medicine. However, the organizer, Prof Nasriah, who now teaches in Saudi Arabia, and myself and Prof Pang are all colleagues in the eHealth Unit anyways. Only Prof Sarinder, an expert in biostatistics and IA, belongs to a different department.

The program schedule was delayed due to some equipment problems, but over 70 people attended during the lecture and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Malaysia has been focusing on data science and AI strong as a national plan, and health informatics is an important area as the basis for this in healthcare domain. I would like to continue my involvement after I leave UM.

今回は、UM(マラヤ大)医学部の生徒のために設計された「ヘルスインフォマティクス/Health Informatics」プログラムへの講義要請でウェビナーをしてきました。とは言っても、企画者の、いまはサウジで教鞭をとるProf Nasriahを始め、私とProf PangもみなeHealth Unitの同僚なんですけど。生物統計とIAの専門家であるProf Sarinderだけ別所属です。


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