Take your 7 hours of sleep as crucial as the same hours of work (esp. after 50)!

As I always talk about the importance of sleep all years, some people get tired of listening to me. But as you get older, the more important the quality of good night sleep becomes. This research is one of them to prove it.

Sure, the sleep habit is one of the areas where you can find a big variation across people. But wait. Even folks who believe they are “short sleepers” confidently are nothing but ones who just don’t feel tired of sleep deprivation but actually with terrible patterns of sleep. They are just tough or insensitive with their body’s signals. There are actually “short sleepers,” but maybe it’s a good timing to give some serious thought, especially if you’re above 50.

The article tells that we are more likely to have chronic diseases and more prone to inflammation of cells all across our body. On top of that, the lack of sleep hurts our tired brain that cannot recover from daylight fatigues, thus naturally we end up with poor concentration and cognitive functioning. Not mention for greater risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Nothing good emerges out of the squeezing of our sleep. Maybe we’d better take 6.5 to 8 hours for sleep no less important than those hours for daily work.

(source: BBC https://www.bbc.com/news/health-63284305) (Getty Image)

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