Stress and its relationship to overeating… is this the culprit?|ストレスと過食との関係…犯人はこいつ?

Medical doctors and scientists have long known that overeating is a means of coping with everyday stress. In fact, we know that people who tend to stress out are more likely to become obese. This is fine as in every once awhile, but if it becomes a daily routine, it can be very dangerous because it can increase the risk of lifestyle-related diseases.

However, it has been difficult to find a material culprit that connects the two. That is the hormone proenkephalin, which is found in the hypothalamus. It turns out that this is an important substance as a link.

In other words, if we can prevent this hormone from sending messages to the hypothalamus, it is less likely to lead to the behavior of eating abnormally large amounts of food. This means that we can utilize it directly in the development of drugs.

Of course, what is even better would be to avoid stress in the first place. That is quite possible through cognitive efforts. Ideally, this is better because it is a strategy that requires minimal effort, maximum effectiveness, and no medication.

(Credit: Neuroscience News)

日常でのストレスのコーピング手段の一つとして、過食があることは 医学者や科学者は長く知っていました。実際ストレスを溜めがちな人ほど、肥満になりやすいことも分かっています。ちょっとぐらいならいいですけど、これが日常化すると生活習慣病のリスクを上げることにもなり大変危険です。



もちろん もっと良いのは、そもそもストレスを溜め込まないことです 。それは、認知の工夫でかなり可能です。理想的にはこちらの方が、最小限の努力で、最大の効果を発揮し、薬も飲む必要がない戦略ですので、よいですよね。

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