【event】Research Carnival 2022@UM FoM on entrepreneurship & VR/AR

I attended some sessions of Research Carnival 2022 held at UM Faculty of Medicine’s 3rd floor Auditorium. It’s about advanced tech, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. There were speakers who are Dr.s as well as entrepreneurs who shared their experiences about taking risk to be in fulfillment.

One of the interesting topics was of course, the application of metaverse and VR or AR in the healthcare settings. The UM faculty’s talk helped me to sort out some confusing concepts surrounding the technologies in the area, while the good demonstration of HoloLens by MS team from Indonesia updated me on the application in the field. I remembered I was summoned by MS Headquarter in Shinagawa, Japan with my ex-boss back of Keio University FoM, to experience the brand-new HoloLens at that time and asked to giving them feedback. Time surely flies.

I would say there still needs a lot of refinement and pilot studies to wisely use the AR technology. Also, despite of its side-effect of dizziness and else, training purposes in medicine may find VR more fitting than AR. For actual practice, AR-guided app can work well, though.

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