MS Office products debut in VR, eh?

A few days ago Meta, or more specifically, Oculus, released their new product of cool VR headset. The stuff itself is so expensive like hell, so the practical point is not the new product itself but rather how lower we can now get the older Quest stuff. First they’ve gotta spread their toys.

At home my sons are primary users of the Oculus and they play various VR games on that. Their father’s concern is the speed they pick up bad English expressions while playing shooting games with comrade players across the world they obviously have never met before. With my kids’ assistance, I once spent hours in Spatial, one of those metaverses to have a test-run meeting to give some feedback to my consultant friends. It was wonderful experience (especially if you experience no dizziness… I have none at all) and I immediately realized its potential use for remote workshop and lectures.

Yes, we’re all in the world of “hybrid work style,” where the “remote” work is a fact of life. That said, VR will be adding more values on this working style and naturally, MS Office products will fit into the space.

3日ほど前でしたかメタが、と言うかクエストが、新しい VR ゴーグルを発表しました。アホみたいに高いので、あちらがどれだけ売れるか分かりませんが、おそらく前に出した製品が格安になるという方が大事かもしれません。

我が家ではOculus Quest、主にせがれどもが世界中の連中と様々なゲームを楽しんでるのが中心。私も一度、先日の記事でも出たZen Schoolのミッキーさんに頼まれて、VR をつけてSpatialの会議に参加してみました。あれは使い手が協力すればかなりパワフルなワークショップ体験ができますね。大きな可能性を感じました。

働き方も大きく変わるでしょう Microsoft Office 製品が全て VR 仕様になるというのは市場投入できる準備が整いつつあるそうです。

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