【project】Online Demo of Clinical Registry Building System for Specialists at UM|臨床レジストリ構築システムをUM附属病院の専門医向けにオンラインデモ

MyCR@UM, a system that allows physicians and clinical researchers to build and operate a reliable, standardized clinical registry without the knowledge of database or programming, is being developed by eHealth Unit of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, and the Clinical Investigation Center. This project, too, is about to move into its second phase after the first development comes to an end.

The demonstration was held online for UMMC physicians who are interested in building a clinical registry. Even though we started late at 8 pm, about 20 specialists from various departments showed up. It was a big success that led us hope more to come.

In the first 5 minutes or so, I, the director, talked about the need for a system like MyCR in clinical settings, an overview of the system, and its future prospects. Then LCP, our cooperating vendor, gave a 20-minute demonstration of how to use it in practice. After that, we invited candid input from three physicians (specialists in pulmonary, hematology, and renal diseases) who participated in the “initial beta test” about how they felt using the system, the pros and cons they are aware of, and any additional features they would like to see. In particular, they made comparison with the well-known “REDCap” system, which we believe made a good point of the two systems.

Participants in the online demo were given a temporary IDs and PWs and allowed to use the system freely for a few days. Those who wish to use the system in a production environment will then be asked to build a registry with the assist of us, the development team.

医師や臨床研究者が、データベース作成やプログラムの知識を持たずとも信頼性が高い臨床レジストリを構築・運用することのできるシステム「MyCR@UM」を、医学部のeHealth Unit、コンピューター工学部、そして臨床研究センターで開発しています。こちらのプロジェクトも、開発に一区切りがついて第2フェーズへ移行しようとしています。




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