【salon】How many times have we visited back? Mādhyamaka and Yogācāra!|何度目の再訪?中観と唯識!

Really, how many times have I talked with Rev. Gwen, the Go-Monshu, on this subject? However, it’s the Mādhyamaka School and the Yogācāra School as the “most fundamental religious philosophy platform of Mahayana Buddhism” that absolutely cannot be dropped, right? But unlike Tibetan Buddhism, where both doctrines can be the central talk even when it comes to sectarian lectures, I feel that in the case of Japanese Buddhism, these are not so often talked about in a major way. Some monks even avoid them, saying that they are too difficult to understand.

Of course, in the Zen domain, where the banner of Zen Buddhism is “All is void,” the appearance of the Mādhyamaka school and the great master Nāgārjuna would not be surprising you when they are mentioned. But I have rarely encountered a situation, at least in my experience, where the Yogācāra school also appears as a set and is discussed. I feel that there is such a misunderstanding in the Japanese Buddhist community, when they say, “Those are ‘philosophy’ and not a ‘religion” that gives a salvation to the believers.”

Even more so, in the domain of Pure Land Buddhism, where most of the time we start from the main prayer of Amitābha Buddha, neither of these two important schools of Buddhism appear in the first place! I am grateful to have such opportunities to discuss this from the front and from various angles, and with a 21st century touches with Pure Land Master, Rev. Gwen. It’s a pure intellectual joy.

This time, I tried to get them cooked well, using the quantum physics point of “time and space do not exist” and the idea of “entropy” in the “second law of thermodynamics” as auxiliary lines in the scientific domain in particular. For those of you who are saying, “What the hell…?”, please ask us the recording archive!





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