Top 10 ‘Jobs of the Future’ or whatever

As usual, they are talking about the trend of job markets in the near future where AI excels more and more. However, the point is not there, which is good. Besides, it looks like UK has a healthy sense of urgency to adapt to the trend in education. It’s good.

Maybe we’d better stop talking about how “AI replaces humans in the job market.” It’s not “replacing” but “enhancing” especially on the job where strong human factors are visible. Surgeons powered by robotic arms, psychotherapists backed up by machine learning, and baseball coaches enhanced by AI data will be surviving all right, or even with much higher salaries for their accuracy of providing their human services.

Just like that, with or without AI or robotics, folks well-prepared will thrive. You re-design your jobs to provide higher values. Those shall win.

まぁいつも通り、AI にまつわる仕事が今後はどんどん子供たち世代で増えるという論調ですが。発見としては、英国がめっちゃ焦ってるということ。いいですねこの危機意識。

もう一つは 、AI が人間の仕事を置換するというテーマではなくて、あまりに AI がそこら中に溢れるので、現在ある仕事の中で非常にヒューマンなものを、 AI が補完しながら、さらに貴重な職種になるという点です。人間ならではだろう、と思われていたコーチは 、AI をフル活用したコーチになり、これは置換が無理だろう、と思われていた人間相手のセラピストが、やはり AI の力を借りてより高給取りになる可能性。



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