MS Office products debut in VR, eh?

A few days ago Meta, or more specifically, Oculus, released their new product of cool VR headset. The stuff itself is so expensive like hell, so the practical point is not the new product itself but rather how lower we can now get the older Quest stuff. First they’ve gotta spread their toys. At home

Keep growing with your own experience

A good article. Most of our “learning” occurs when we “experience.” Much more so than what we read or listen to lectures. However, to actually “learn” from what we experience is rather difficult. As the article puts it, “most of us are not good at “wringing meaning.” We often don’t learn from experiences because we’re

Google Pixel Watch in Japan w/ good Suica power

Google is smart as we thought. To dive into Japanese e-wallet market, getting along with Suica, the e-wallet giant in japan, which is operated by Japan Railway East, is a must. If you have a good Suica-compatibility on your mobile device, you have much bigger chance to carry it around, thus you’ll automatically use it

Does Mindfulness Get in the Way of Making Amends?

As you may well know, research on the effect of mindfulness meditation on our body and mind has been steadily growing. The below is one of the interesting studies I’ve encountered recently. “The result? While both meditations led to similar increases in mindfulness, only the loving-kindness meditation increased participants’ overall feelings of love, reduced their